We are a hard driving blues-rock jamming band from Birmingham Alabama. We love to take great Blues tunes and color them with our own style and flavor. We derive our influence from great blues artist such as: Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, Albert King, John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson and many more. You can always reach us at automaticslimblues@gmail.com.
Livewire burst onto the Birmingham party scene in early 2000 and have been having a good time rockin' it ever since! Their goal is for everyone, especially YOU, to have fun. When it comes to party music, they do it all from 80's to classic rock to country to oldies to motown to rap and everything in-between. They've got what it takes to get the crowd going and they always have a blast with you. They will do all they can to give you a party that you will not forget. They've been doin' it for years!
4-6PM \\
Todd is a teenage guitar virtuoso, who has overcome huge obstacles in his personal life. Todd was born with DiGeorge Syndrome, requiring multiple open heart surgeries and countless hospital stays, due to related problems. Todd had spent over 750 days in the hospital by his third birthday. Despite his trials Todd has amazed and inspired everyone, from the doctors that treated him, to strangers that hear his story. Todd's activities were limited because of his health, yet he found his gifts and purpose in music.

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